Samurai Says #43: A whole Lotta Guns

March 11th, 2017

We pay our repsects to the dead departed Bill Paxton, have a battle between two men with nothing to loose and end end of the world ..  .well this one's not so bad.  Hit our tumblr at and tweet in our general direction at @samuraisayspod on twitter.


Beware the second sun


Samurai Says #42: Cheese Is Proof of God

January 30th, 2017

Special Guest this week is Filmaker and proffetional Tor Johnson impersonator (Seriously) David Hayes.  


What you shouldn't know: the Dark origins of the Home computer


The Fight: Chef Boyardee Vs. The Swedish chef


and Yes, the world will end.


Hi Jeff!!


Samurai Says IN EXILE #3: The worst gift of all

December 18th, 2016

The Samurai is stuck out on the road again! What will he do? Record a show IN EXILE of course!  Karate bears, Paratrooping pop stars, and the human race evolving out of existance Can't stop the Samurai!!


Episode 41 *Tasteful political content*

November 28th, 2016

This is the edition of Samurai says 41 with a raw bit of political content, Hilarious but if you're looking to forget election woes, listend to another version and build a wall around this one.  (We'll pay for it)


Samurai Says #41: Mathmatical Humor

November 26th, 2016

         What's my name? It's impossible to tells since observations affect the outcome!  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!  This week we hear some of our most disturbing news storys yet, a battle of the two greatest pro wrestlers who never met, and the amazing end of the world that no one cares about.  



Hi Jeff


Samurai Says #40: White Colonial Hole

November 5th, 2016

What happens when the Samurai is overcoming Sickness and the Maverick is drunk? Madness, that is. . .more than usual.  We put names to the unamed, talk about dog poop fights, and make two heros from the hood duke it out for charity.  And of course, the world ends taking all the rich people with it.


Samurai Says #39: Take that Etymologists!

September 12th, 2016

      What do a Scotsman, a Brazilian and a Frenchmen all have in common? If you said no underwear you're correct, but I refer to the fact that each country has developed a fighting art to rival anything in the far east.  We also cover cheese news, van sex, and have a battle between environmentalists that will ironically end the world . . .but not before WE end it of course.

Check us out on tumblr at: The Trucker brony and @SamnuraiSaysPod on twitter!

Samurai Says IN EXILE #2: Space Knife

August 27th, 2016

      The Samurai, still ruling in exile, talks about his brother's wacky wedding, a slew of space-based weapons, sewage suckers, and bizarre coded messages.  This week we also learn why the world hasn't ended despite our best efforts: holy Mountains, and prayer batteries! 


Samurai Says IN EXILE #!: Escape from Laredo!

July 31st, 2016

     The Samurai Has been trapped in the dark Kingdom of Larendo, Texas but escaped to Washington Missouri, where Chris Maverick uses his technical Wizardry to contact the Samurai and record an episode while the Samurai is still . . .in exile.  Hear the thrilling tale of how the Samurai survived the lethal intentions of two vehicles, and the zit that almost spelled doom for us all!  And because it's tradition, we end the world, this time revisting a classic apocalypse: The Runaway Grain Hypothesis!

      Regular episodes will return soon, Lords and Ladies of the Information superhighway, the Samurai has just taken a bit of time away from home, our upliads should be a touch more regular now that we know how to beat the system!  

Samurai Says #38: Cyborg President

June 26th, 2016

     If there's one thing that USA needs most now, It's a cyborg in the oval office.  Aside from that, we discuss the new Robot Arena 3, and give our unbiased, unsullied and unneeded review of "X-men: Apocalypse".  Good ol' Apocalypse also  horns in on our battle, where he takes of the gooey Punster Ivan Ooze.  And, because no one asked for it. . .we end the world.  This time, It ends with a good old fashioned nuclear war.  But worry not, you probably won't die.  Follow us on Twitter at 2samuraisayspod and don't forget "The Trucker Brony" on tumblr!  HI JEFF!