Samurai Says IN EXILE #!: Escape from Laredo!

July 31st, 2016

     The Samurai Has been trapped in the dark Kingdom of Larendo, Texas but escaped to Washington Missouri, where Chris Maverick uses his technical Wizardry to contact the Samurai and record an episode while the Samurai is still . . .in exile.  Hear the thrilling tale of how the Samurai survived the lethal intentions of two vehicles, and the zit that almost spelled doom for us all!  And because it's tradition, we end the world, this time revisting a classic apocalypse: The Runaway Grain Hypothesis!

      Regular episodes will return soon, Lords and Ladies of the Information superhighway, the Samurai has just taken a bit of time away from home, our upliads should be a touch more regular now that we know how to beat the system!